The business of refrigerated food LTL pool consolidation is tricky stuff… with focus on food safety concerns and in-transit temperature monitoring technologies proliferating, you’ve got to keep temperatures just right, and you don’t have time to deal with customer refusals from inexperienced carriers who don’t know the nuances of this business. Northland Foods are the experts in refrigerated food transport and are proud to deliver the same food and brands that our families enjoy at dinner every night.

Your products have an important destination. With scheduled LTL deliveries to the Eastern part of Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, North Dakota and Northern Michigan every day, we’ll make sure they get where they’re going — cold, clean, correct, and on time.


Everyone wants to save money on their freight quotes. There is no great secret behind this desire: The more money you can save on your freight shipping, the more money you can re-distribute to other aspects of your business or even, if you’re lucky, to your pocket. At Northland Foods & Distribution, we are always looking for the cracks in the shipping system, and ways to save our customers money. With that in mind, have you heard of backhaul shipping???
Northland Foods every day has space to haul your product everything from that one pallet of eggs going from Eau Claire to Ely to 4 pallet going to Marquette. Back Haul’s make this possible where the customer does not have to pay for a whole truck.


Our transportation team offers a large refrigerated and frozen freight consolidation program for “less than truckload” orders. Our pool program has the capability to handle your temperature-sensitive products that are stored in our facilities or cross docked from your facility. Deliveries are scheduled weekly to areas like international falls, Roseau, Warroard, Grand Forks, Crookston, Fargo, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Wadena, Brainerd, Little Falls, Long Prairie, Hinckley, Virginia, Cook, Ely, Grand Portage, Slivery Bay, Ashland, Iron Wood, Barron, Chetek, Chippewa Falls, Deerton, Escanaba, Manistique, Gould City. Many loads shipped daily.


We are asset-based with company drivers only. We only have employee’s driving your products. We have refrigerated and frozen truckload capacity for all of your dry, cold, and frozen needs.


Our team in Poplar, WI have put together dedicated shuttle programs for many of our customers. Raw materials or ingredients can be stored at our facilities and delivered to your production plant on a just-in-time basis. We also have shuttle programs in place for picking up finished goods from one or more plants and delivering to our warehouse sites. We can customize a dedicated program to fit your needs.


We offer cross-dock services to those customers with pre-picked orders going into our LTL pool consolidation program. We can pick up your orders from your facility or receive your trucks or carriers. With our Poplar, WI and Superior, WI pool point, we can receive orders for many different regions from an origin on a single load, and perform the final customer delivery leg anywhere in the northparts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Michigan.